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King, Ambassador Anthony Camboni, Esq.
Campaign Statement

Article 4. Pail Of Pills Plan
The Solution To Arizona’s Prescription Drug Crisis

Article 4.
King, Ambassador Anthony Camboni, Esq.’s Pail Of Pills Plan

King, Ambassador Anthony Camboni, Esq.’s common sense plan could be easily accomplished, by and through decriminalization of drugs. The endless “War On Drugs” has, failed to produce positive results. Continuation of failed policies / programs is nonsensical. The People of Arizona want prescription drugs. And, they want them, NOW!
There’s no more time for excuses. Failure is no longer an option.

Societal Devolution
Unfortunately, “society” has devolved to the point it is necessary to implement such Draconian / Cambonian policies.
1. Exceedingly Harsh; very severe
1. Brilliant

Each Individual is a liberty to produce, self-test, and self-ingest, any substance.
Persons engaged in substance production, testing, and ingestion will be held liable for:
( a. ) Wrongful / criminal conduct;
( b. ) Damage / Injury;
( c. ) Costs of incarceration / hospitalization.
resulting from the substance producer’s, test subject’s, and ingestor’s choice(s).